Saturday, January 22, 2011

Running Errands


I hate running out of the way errands.  Even if it is close to home.  My city is a victim of urban sprawl, and to go most places, you need a set of wheels.  Car wheels preferably because though they advertise that this city is bicycle friendly, I see lots of debris filled bike lanes, impatient drivers, and have known too many people hit by cars on a bike.

This means I kind of jump at the chance to run errands by foot every so often.  Today was the "overdue library book" errand.  It was my third day of a three day grace period.  I hadn't even cracked the book open to know what it was about, so I really didn't want to pay fines on something I had ignored for three weeks.  But, I had no plans to drive in the area towards our local library - about a mile from home.  I did have plans to go on a run that direction though!  Running with a book for a mile really isn't as bad as it seems.  I think if I had to go any farther, a running backpack would have been in order, but one book for one mile wasn't any worse than a water bottle!  Of course, once I got rid of the book, it made the run all the more enjoyable.  I did wonder what the drivers around me were thinking because someone running with anything in their hands is pretty strange around here.

I don't "run" errands that often, but I have been known on occasion to return movies or buy a very small grocery item (spinach comes to mind).  It makes me feel like I'm doing my small part to use less gas and it gives me a "real" reason to run (do I really need any other reason other than general health and happiness though?!). 

Have you ever "run" errands?  What was your best errand ever run?


  1. I haven't "run" errands but I LOVE the idea of it. One of the routes I do is to Target and back, but something tells me I wouldn't be able to carry everything. Tee hee hee.

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Hi! I decided to visit the other Amys doing Tall Mom's 1000 Mile challenge, just for fun, so this is my first time to your blog. I like the thought of running errands, but have never really done it, though I have ended my runs at work, or at a coffee shop and walked home from there!

  3. I run little errands that don't involve carrying much all the time. I did once run to my son's school to pick up a forgotten lunch box. Running back home with that kind of sucked. ;o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!