Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Trot recap and HBBC week #1

There's nothing like a four day weekend... to make you wish for more! 

My family had a wonderful weekend... it's so nice to take a break and relax!

First up, my sister and her family were visiting from Chicago, IL this week so - of course I had to invite them to run the Mesa Turkey Trot with me.  It was a 10K - a little different than my "normal" 5K Thanksgiving Turkey trot... it was a beautiful, slightly overcast morning and truly perfect running weather.  I finished in 50:18 - and was pretty happy with the results!  And, if you were wondering, my sister and BIL came in a couple of minutes behind me.  I was pretty surprised actually!  I was under the impression that they were much speedier than me.

There were almost 3,000 people in the 10K and the race was mostly through neighborhoods.  It was pretty fun to see all of these people bring chairs out of their homes and watch the racers go by their house.  And oddly enough - someone I hadn't seen in years recognized me and yelled (Hi Leslie!) as I ran by. Such a small world!

As for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge this week - I didn't get a ton of exercise in just because of the travel, visiting, and shopping I ended up doing, but did get 3 runs in (aka 16 points) and pretty good eating in - no candy binging or pie overeating.  Fruits and veggies abounded!  My goal for this next week is to make sure exercise is right up there as a priority - and not having time off from work will probably keep me going... why is it when I have a more relaxed schedule I, well, relax?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving...

It's about time I put my November wall hanging up.  It's almost over!
And I'm excited for my 10K Turkey Trot tomorrow.  (New to me course!)

And being off of work for four whole days.  (I will not answer the phone once during this time!)

And dinner tomorrow.  That said, while I love the food at Thanksgiving, I have never felt the need to eat so much I feel sick.  After all, there are always leftovers!

If you're already thinking past Thursday, Friday, and the weekend... consider doing this virtural race....
Courtney is doing this to honor her daughter who passed away.  It is an awesome way to pay tribute to her.

Stay tuned for details on a race that my cute husband and I put on every year.  Just hammering out the last few details....

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you Hugged a Runner Today?

I was cruising the internet today and discovered yet another little celebrated holiday... Hug A Runner Day - Nov 20, 2011.  Sorry if this info is getting to you late, but I just found out myself.  You can read all about it here - there is even a Facebook page for this.  Too funny.  And, should you be wondering, I have hugged a runner today - my cute husband was quite huggable and he was quite patient while I celebrated with him (though honestly, he didn't seem to mind all that much!)... and it's probably not too late to go hug my son either.  And while I'm at it, though my daughter doesn't run, I should hug her for good measure! 

How are you doing on the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge?  I ran 6 miles yesterday and ate fairly well.  Except for the Dairy Queen, but it was date night.  Today it seemed like all I did was cook veggies - which were really good, but it is an effort to eat well.  Hopefully the leftovers will get me to Thursday and Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm thankful for....

*Being able to run pretty much anytime I want to.  I have no physical limitations other than the ones I set for myself.  My body is healthy and I work to make it strong.

*Being a wife and a mom.  My cute husband and kids make my life complete.  Yes, having two teenagers in the house can be a test for any sane person, but I still kind of like having them around.

*A job, a home, and food to eat.  My job is pretty stressful right now.  Most days I come home and just want to sit and stare at a wall I'm so exahusted.  But I am truly grateful that I have a job to go to.  I am also thankful for my home, though not grand, is warm and safe and having lots of food too eat - probably too much so sometimes! 

*My "bloggy" friends and the challenges, advice, motivation, and inspiration they give me.  It's so nice to know there are other women in similar situations trying to make it all work.  I don't have very many "real life" friends that run, so I really appreciate knowing that you all are out there!

If you haven't signed up, there is still time... the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge - lots of prizes and you may come out of the holidays looking and feeling better than when you started!  This starts Nov 19th - so get going!

Don't forget Fitness Friday!  Thanks Jill!
Fitness Friday Blog Hop

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Trail Run

It's been a long time since I've been trail running.  I had a bit of  a trail running accident last year...(you can read all about it here)... and I've been a little bit scared out of my mind apprehensive about going again.  The funny thing is, it hasn't been as long as I thought.  I posted on Facebook that it was February 2009.  Nope.  It was February 2010.  Still, I haven't been on a trail run since then.  Lame I know.

My cute husband loves to trail run.  I love to do stuff with him.  He wanted to go trail running yesterday morning and invited me along.  I said yes.  Really more for him than me.  But, it was a yes nonetheless.

It was a great morning in Tucson.  We just don't see clouds that often - and to be able to run under them - heaven!  It wasn't too hot or too cold.  A dog in the parking lot tagged along with us the whole way.  I thought we would lose him, but we never did.  I should have taken a picture.  I was busier concentrating on not falling down.  Or tripping.  Or the million other things I was worried that would land me in the ER again.  None of them happened.  Did I really think that lightning would strike in the same place twice?  Maybe.  But then, I'm that person that always goes to worst case scenario first.  I managed to pick my feet up and put them down again for 5.33 miles without stumbling, skidding, or sliding along the trail.  Not an easy feat in some places where the dirt is really just loose rocks of all shapes going down a slope into a dry wash.

The best part?  OK - the best part besides the fact that I didn't have blood running down my legs at the end?  There is a hill in the middle of this that kills.  I have never made it up this hill without feeling like I am going to throw up.  Yesterday was different.  I'm not sure if it was because I was so worried about where I was placing my feet or the fact that my kids were busy texting me and I couldn't respond, but *I barely noticed this hill at all*.  Though I have been training on hills, I really hadn't run any in the last month since my half marathon.  This info made me practically giddy when I realized it.

Back in the parking lot, the dog hobbled home.  We got in the truck to go home.  A totally uneventful ending to a really nice run.  Worst case scenarios don't always happen.

Friday, November 4, 2011


I don't have a lot of tolerance for excuses.  Maybe it's because I've heard all of them in the school office where I work.  Um, yes, sir, I really do believe your wife works fifteen hour days six days a week and that's why she can't come in to sign the papers.  Sorry.  I think I'm more likely to believe that world peace is happening tomorrow than believe most of the excuses I hear.

And then there's me.  And my mental excuses for why I can't get out to run or eat the wayI should.  And the amazing thing is... I believe myself most of the time!  I'm as bad as the mom who told me she would be there in five minutes to get her kid, when in reality, I entertained him for the next hour and five minutes. 

That's why I was excited hear about yet another made up, but very important internet holiday of No Excuses November.  Read a motivating article here.  Do you ever find yourself saying something like this....

Slow Metabolism * Genetically Cursed * Addicted to Almonds * I Buy Cookies for My Kids * I Just Can’t * It’s So Hard * It’s Too Hard * My Husband Is Skinny & Eats A Lot & I Have to Eat with Him * I Don’t Want to Insult the Host * I Am Stressed * Tired * My Illness Made Me Eat * The Rain Made Me Eat * I’m Depressed * I’m Bored * I’m Anxious * I’m Sad * I’m Happy * I’ll Start On Monday * Start Tomorrow * I Love Food * Food Equals Love * Addicted * Can’t Quit * Can’t Give Up Chocolate * Food Is My Friend * Simply Not Inspired * Food Calms Me * Guilt * Member of the Clean-Plate Club * Quit Smoking * I’m Hungry * I Can’t Exercise * It’s the Drugs I’m Taking * I’m Peri-Menopausal * I’m Post Menopausal * I’m Pre-Pubescent * College Food * My Lifestyle Is Not Conducive * It’s Winter * It’s Summer * No Time for Exercise * No Time to Food Shop *Not Motivated * I Can’t Afford to Eat Healthy * Can’t Afford a Trainer * Can’t Afford to Join a Program * I Just Can’t Afford it * I’m Healthy for a Few Days But … * I’ve Tried Before * I Always Fail * I Eat Out a Lot * It’s My Birthday * Lots to Celebrate * Travel Makes It Impossible * I’m Trying * I’m Too Busy to Focus * Not a Good Time * I’m Injured * I Always Fall Off the Wagon * I’m Doomed * I’m Overwhelmed * Too Old * Too Young * I‘ve Been This Way My Whole Life * I don’t just fall off the wagon; I lose track of the entire trail ride. Well, everything but the chow wagon. * Being a Mom (triplets no less) * I failed so many times, I am afraid to try again * sugar addiction * it’s too hot to go out and exercise * it’s too cold to go out and exercise * my TIVO isn’t working and I’ll miss my favorite show * just don’t care anymore * I’m 60 and don’t think it matters anymore if I am 50 pounds overweight…. BUT, really I do * I don’t get enough sleep * I don’t want to * My mother didn’t praise me as a child. * My mother was an over-eater. * All the women in my family are fat. * Quality Control – I’m a Catering Director of a Hotel, constantly around food, talking about food, trying new menu items, etc. My excuse is “it’s my job to taste the food” * The devil made me do it! * I’m big boned! * Most of the above! * All of the above!

(list credited to

It's only November 4th and I've been *extremely* lazy so far... "it's too cold and early to go out and exercise"... how will I fix this?  Clothes out the night before and alarm set.  And being accountable to you, my readers.

What's your excuse? And how are you going to fix it?

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