Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Finds!

While I've been coughing my self silly this week (and not running a bit), I've had plenty of time to surf the internet...

(Please don't let this be me when I someday get to run a marathon!!!)

Hotlegs Runner is giving away an iFitness belt this week... I think it looks like something I would use... and it's cute too!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls is giving away a Alpine Weight Loss Secrets book.  In the review she gives, it makes it sound like a book I would like to read... and probably should!

Running with Boys is giving away a $40 gift certificate to CSN stores.  They have a bunch of cool fitness gear you could use this towards.  Or you could do something really responsible and "mom-like" and buy a faucet or something.  I'm not sure which I would do. 

With any luck, sometime soon the cold medicine will wear off and I will feel like normal again.  I'm hoping for this weekend.  It's been so nice outside - around 70ºF and I am in sitting on the couch!

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