Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Finds!

I'm always coming across cool running related gear, giveaways, and other interesting running related items as I surf the 'net each week.  It's hard to make my teenagers appreciate the value of these things... it's a good thing I have this blog so I can share with an interested audience! 

Here are my favorite finds from this week...

Barefoot Angie is giving away a Running Chics outfit...check it out - and while you're there, see how amazing she is to run barefoot - something I admire greatly, but can't fathom doing myself!

Runner's World is giving away Salomon trail gear every day in Jaunary.  Just remember to check in the next day to see if your name was drawn.  I wouldn't say no to new gear!

Mom.Wife.Fitness.Life is giving away a Moving Comfort Bra.  While I don't have most of the issues that women who run encounter as far as bras and support go (*cough*chest of a 12yr old boy*cough*), I do appreciate a good bra anyway!

I found this cute picture frame over at Run Momma Run.  I could totally see that in my house.  Time to start saving my pennies!

Last week while I was out doing family activities while on break, I got to stop in the running store on the other side of town... mostly because it was next door to the ice cream shop we were at... but they had these cool shirts... I was tempted, but decided against it because I didn't think I wanted the lime green or the orange that they had in stock.  Of course, I find them on Amazon in black.  As much as I love Amazon, I really should go back and find out if the running store had it in black in the back room.  I want to support local running as much as I can.  Unfortunately it's a half hour drive back.  My wallet will probably thank me in the long run.

Don't forget, if you haven't sent me your New Year's Run pictures yet, please do... teambrenton4 (at) gmail (dot) com.  I understand how hard it is to plug your camera into your computer to get the photos, I have the same problem myself, but I would love to be able to post them next week!

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