Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Sugar month is up!

We've been so good around here avoiding sugar... walking past cake and doughnut covered tables at work, avoiding the jelly bean bags at my mother in law's house, even subbing a fruit smoothie for an ice cream on our date night. My one cheat day for my birthday was great - Cheesecake Factory and really yummy ice cream cake w/peanut butter crunchies in it! Other than my birthday, self control has been queen!

Today, it being May 2nd, my friend Ann called to tell me that a package was out on my car... and I went out thinking that it was just a plain old FedEx box... only to get back in and open it to discover... well, I'll just say that six hours ago this was a whole cake. Complete with cherries and chocolate shavings. She's been in with us on the whole no sugar experiment and told me that she's dropped 1.5lbs, me, about 2 lbs, and my husband, he's told me he's been dropping about 2lbs a week! It just goes to show what complete sugar addicts we are!
And it came at a perfect time... we've had bad colds here this week - mine getting worse this weekend - I now sound like a frog - but - I spent the day lounging around napping and reading a book I got for my birthday - quite a guilty pleasure actually - I usually at least pretend to be busy - today I let it all go and had no excuse except for my headache and croaky voice.
Thus, I haven't run since Tuesday... since Wednesday was my "off" day and by Thursday I was starting to feel cruddy. I'm hoping for better this next week since it's great weather for running right now - especially at 5am and the sun is just barely peeking over the mountains and the air is just cool enough to feel great once you get warmed up!
So, lesson learned... I really shouldn't eat as much sugar as I do, so, I am going to try and do better - not only because of the weight lost, but because I really do know deep down it's not that great for me and that in the month off from it, I've eaten a lot more fruits and veggies to a)get my mind off of dessert and b)because I could ingest the extra calories since I wasn't having to avoid them because of too much dessert!