Friday, December 9, 2011

Taking Time to Slow Down

I could be really frustrated with myself right now. 

I've been sick on and off for two weeks.  Thankfully, I'm on the mend - I finally went to CVS Minute Clinic the other night to find out I had an ear infection AND a sinus infection.  Ahhh - the joys of sitting right by the nurse's office at an elementary school!

My job is super crazy right now.  There is an open position in my office right now... and kind of has been all year... interviews are being conducted, but it still boils down to me doing the work of two.  I come home and just want to sit there and stare at the wall.  Not kidding either because sometimes that's what I do.

Which in turn means my house is not the neatest it's ever been.  The kids are wondering why Christmas decorations haven't made it out of the boxes.  I'm wondering if Christmas will happen since shopping isn't going on!

And, poor Cute Husband.  He works at UPS, which, as you can imagine is all he is doing right now.  Working or sleeping.

It's no wonder why I've only run 3.1 miles in the last week!

I'm trying to look at the broader picture.

I won't be sick forever.  They will hire someone else to work with me.  The house will get cleaned up.  And, Christmas will happen. 

I may not be earning my points to winning the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, but I have decided to try and enjoy what's going on anyway.

I am looking forward to this:

And I'm really super enjoying watching my kids in various concerts and shows they are doing for the school holiday season.  Last night was a JV Soccer game followed by a orchestra concert.  Even though I really really really really really really really wanted to go home and I had no idea what dinner was going to be, I enjoyed hearing all the Christmas music they were playing.  I hadn't heard much up until last night.  I am so blessed!
Blond kid in the front of the second row.  Yes, I will claim him for now!

Are there seasons of your life that you'd love to be running but it just isn't possible?  How do you deal with it?

Thanks to Jill for hosting Fitness Friday!  I can't wait to go read your blog!


  1. Good job looking at the bigger picture. I think that's so important to keep motivated. This too shall pass, right?

    Have a great week!

  2. Everyone has weeks like that :) Don't worry, it will all get done - it always does!

  3. Yes! The holidays are always like that for me too-- we usually travel and try to catch up with as many family/friends as possible, with little time left to work out-- I try to view it as a "cutback week" and know that my body needs extra rest now and then. Hope things slow down for you soon!

  4. Yikes, you have what I like to call the double whammy. Allan has managed to get an ear infection and sinus infection together twice this year. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I hope you start feeling better really soon! And good for you for not adding more stress by worrying about it all.. the bigger picture is the important one, for sure!

  6. Your Dec sounds a little like mine! Crazy busy schedules! This has been the most frustrating month for trying to get in a workout or run. Chad works for Amazon so you can imagine what his schedule is like this time of year.

    I'm working hard on trying to stay positive and actually getting better at it this week :)

    Keeping an eye on the big picture!

  7. Agreeing that Big Picture is really important! My 6-yr old is begging for me to get the Christmas stuff out. The house is a wreck (nothing new!) and I just can't envision bringing more 'clutter' into the mix! My working out has slipped, too. But I know we'll get back on track :)

  8. It absolutely will get better! It sounds like you are doing a good job of enjoying what you ARE doing, which is very important.

  9. The holidays are usually that season for me, too...especially b/c we no longer live near family and are always traveling, which means no gym option, only running. I usually plan that week to be a "cut back" week to take some of the stress off myself to fit everything in, and try to do a little extra before and after the craziest part of the season. Keep your perspective, you're right, it won't be forever!

  10. Oh my goodness it sounds like you all are totally busy, hope that you are get a break soon!!

    I also have had a sinus/ear infection, its not fun. Hope you heal up soon.