Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not Thrilled and Two 2.5K Race Invitations...

I am not thrilled because I have had a cold since Wednesday and have run a total for 8 miles this week, eaten a few extra veggies, and, that's about it.  My HBBC points this week are pitiful.  And that's being nice.  I honestly have felt like taking a nap every five minutes this week.  My house and family definitely look like it.  Christmas has not started.  Crossing my fingers that this next week is better.  I've got to NOT sit on the couch watching romantic comedies off of Netflix all week.  That probably counts towards negative HBBC points I'm quite sure!

Anyway.... moving on!

My cute husband and I sponsor a race among friends every year.  It's something anyone can do and do at any time.  The whole point is to do the 1st half of the 5K on New Year's Eve and the 2nd half of the 5K on New Year's Day.  So 2.5K on New Year's Eve and 2.5K on New Year's Day.  We just like to do ours back to back from about 11:45pm to 12:15am through our neighborhood.  You don't have to run it.  You can snowshoe, skate, crawl... I don't care!  This year I wanted to open it up to my blog readers as well.

We try to pick a good cause every year to donate to.  After a couple of charities in the past have done some questionable things with donations (aka the Three Cups of Tea guy), we decided to pick something that we know.  That's why this year we picked getting shoes for needy kids at the school I work at.  This school has a very high rate of poverty.  Ninety to ninety five percent of the kids who go here are on federal free & reduced lunch status.  I see kids all the time who have old, barely usable shoes or kids that have shoes three sizes too small.  The lady who is in charge of coordinating the needy kids with resources has a great relationship with Payless Shoes and is always able to get more for the money involved.  If you would like to make a donation of a Payless Shoes gift card,  please send it to:
Walter Douglas Elementary
attn: Tamara McAllister
3302 N Flowing Wells Rd
Tucson, AZ 85705

The great thing is that we will have finishing prizes for all.  We are also working on some other prizes that I will be announcing as soon as the details are ready to go.  I just wanted you to have time to plan ahead for your New Year's  Eve and New Year's Day!

If you are local, we would love to have you join us.  Contact me for details as to where we are going to meet and get ready for a great time!

Make sure to blog about this and come back and share the link when you are done so I can post photos at the end. 

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  1. This is really neat. What a great idea for you guys to do something to help others and get people to be active at the same time!