Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hope Endures Virtual 5K

I finally started feeling better from my horrible cold.  Yay.  Perfect timing for Courtney's Hope Endures Virtual 5K.  A 5K was the perfect distance for me since I wasn't quite perfect from being sick.  I took a picture of me while I was doing this, but, for whatever reason, my phone deleted all of my photos.  Yes all of them.  Even the non running ones of my kiddos and odd objects I thought were cool.  I have no idea why.  Yes I am upset.  So, you'll just have to imagine me shivering in front of my house trying to take a picture of myself at about 4:40am.  I think it was about 32 degrees that morning.  Your mental photo of me is probably lots better than what I really looked like anyway!

As I ran that morning, I thought a lot about Courtney and her daughter Ashlyn.  She is a great example of how people can make it through the hard times in life and come out stronger.  I am thankful that she gave me this opportunity to "run" for her.  It really was a great way to start the week.  Thanks Courtney for sharing!

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  1. good job getting out there despite the super cold weather! That's too bad about your phone - I would be bummed too!