Thursday, December 29, 2011

Long overdue Christmas update

Funny how when I am off from work, not having to get up and get going everyday, it's OK to stay in my pjs until 10am and very hard to get motivated to do much more than sit on the couch with a good book.  Of course, it could be because my house seems colder on the inside this time of year than the outside (thank you 1959 construction!). Or, that I haven't read a book cover to cover since, well, the summer which was the last time I was off for more than just a couple of days.  It also could be that I have been adding to my winter fat storage by consuming as many holiday goodies as possible (coughTraderJoesdarkchocolatepeppermint JoJoscough), thus not able to move further than the couch or fit into anything other than my pjs.

I'm not beating myself up.  Really.

Today I managed to waddle over to the computer to give you all the blog updates you have been waiting for...

I entered a blog contest over with Beth at Running Around My Kitchen.  I won this really cool pair of socks.  Not only was she nice enough to give me a few choices of socks to pick from, she also let me pick white ones, which wasn't in the original rules.  I like white socks much more than black.  Not sure why seeing as they don't stay that way long if I wear them at all.  I guess I just like the look of fresh socks.

Yes, there is a wire tree under that, just too many awesome cards came to hang on it!
I also did the runner Christmas card exchange over at Just Trying is for Little Girls.  I signed up on a whim, and then was wondering if I was crazy or what since I barely had enough time to do things for people in my real life, but once I sent my cards and got some really cool cards back from people with awesome blogs as well, it was totally worth it.  Did I mention the fact that I love Christmas cards more than anything else at Christmas time anyway?  Take away all the presents, goodies, lights, and trees, but don't take away my Christmas cards!  It doesn't look great, but I love this wire tree I have to display them on as well.    Go read their fun blogs...

Hit the Road Jane
Running to Health
All At Sea
S Club 4
Carpenter's Corner

LOVED them all!

A few running related goodies did hit my stocking this year...

Arm sleeves from Running Skirts!  I wanted to wear them so badly the day after Christmas for my run, and it seemed cool enough to, but, a mile in, I was carrying them.  Moral of the story, you don't need to wear these on a 55ºF sunny day.  I honestly knew better.  At least I didn't wear the Running Skirts compression socks I received.  I had just slightly more self control than the six year old that wants to wear all her new clothes at once.

My mom must be channeling me somehow.  I never have mentioned to her my fascination and admiration for Nuun, but somehow a tube ended up in one of my gift boxes from her.  I asked her how she knew and she said she was in REI and saw it, thought it looked like something I might like, so she bought it.  Now I need to plan a long run so I will have a reason to use it!

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!  (Details!  I want Details of the runs you did or the running related goodies you got!)


  1. Wear them all at once, then you'll sweat so much you'll need the Nuun!!! Go for it!! Awesome gifts by the way!

  2. I love the arm warmers. I'm hoping to wear mine at the Houston Marathon--it's always been either too hot or too cold here for me to use them. Mine are just plain navy blue, though.

    For running Xmas I got.....the Stick (much needed), a running journal for 2012 and a new tank top.