Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yellow Spots and Other Tales of Woe

I put on one of my newer running shirts the other day - white with cool design on the front - and looked at the sleeves and saw small yellow spots all over them.  What the heck?  Am I allowed to have nothing that isn't destroyed by my kids or myself?  I just couldn't place what I had done to it.  Too high to be icky sweat marks.  Nothing had spilled on me.  I just couldn't think of anything.  Until Saturday.  I got back from my long run and my son says to me... Mom - why are you all yellowish?  I looked down and saw that, indeed I was yellowish.  And the reason why was....
Living in the southwest, I know I have a higher than normal chance for skin cancer, so I really try to be good about applying sunscreen.  I usually don't use this stuff, but, being in a hurry to get going and seeing my Cute Husband's can of it handy, I decided to spray some on.  I had no idea it stained clothing.  And gives you a eerie yellow glow that any Halloween monster would envy.  I had done the exact same thing when I had worn my white running shirt the time before.  Thanks Coppertone.  I appreciate the fact that your sunscreen won't sweat off, but not the fact that my shirt now has polka dots on it.  And not good ones.

Tale of Woe #2:  Saturday's last long run before my half this weekend=awful.  Through a Series of Unfortunate Events, I was about an hour later getting started than I should have been.  Add a hot day, 3 parks with broken water fountains, and you know why I barely made it back to the house.  I'm not sure if people were staring because I was "slogging" (not running!) or yellow.  If its true that a bad dress rehearsal ensures a great performance, I should set a world record this weekend!

Tale of Woe #3:  Unprocessed eating is hard.  Not all the time because I try to eat that way a lot of the time anyway.  But, at work this week there has been a steady parade of processed foods offered to me. And I've only been two days so far!  Nachos.  Halloween cookies.  Corn dogs.  All things I do like, and have been known to eat occasionally.  Normally it wouldn't even faze me.  But this week, I keep looking at things as how I'm "not allowed" to eat that.  I need to turn my thinking around and embrace the "I don't *want* to eat that.  I can do it.  I have a box of Utah peaches sitting in my kitchen that I've been eating like mad.  If you've never had a Utah peach, you must get your hands on one.  They are the best peaches in the world. 

On a lighter note, my chickens have finally started laying eggs.  Well, one chicken out of ten have started laying eggs.  I'm really excited since we have had these girls since the end of May.  A little closer to healthy eating... and I know that my chickens are being raised humanely (this all started when I read how awful the living conditions were for your standard egg layer).  Here's to many more eggs to come!

Feel free to add any Tales of Woe to mine.  I want to know I'm in good company!


  1. I once put Icy Hot on an injury before heading out for a run, but didn't wash my hands after. Fast foward to mile 2 when I'm wiping sweat off face....allll over my face. Miles 3-9 I'm trying to figure out why my face feels like its on FIRE! Note to wash hands after applying Icy-Hot!

  2. How are you guys defining "processed"? Is there a such thing as a cookie made with organic whole ingredients that would be OK? Or is the baking itself too much of a process? If you're good to go, I think you should make yourself some "unprocessed" Halloween cookies! ;^)

  3. I've gotten whites yellowed from sunscreen before too, especially swim cover-ups and tanks - is it just the spray stuff or all of it? The spray is just sooooo much easier :)

    Don't let your last long run get you done - I'm sure you're more than ready for the race!

  4. That's so cool to have your own chickens! Hope the race was great!