Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I did on my Fall Break

Don't have your family take your picture across the street from the store you are visiting.  You look like you are, well, across the street from the camera.

My family decided to go visit Del Mar, CA for our Fall Break.  Imagine how happy I was when I found out the Running Skirt store was only 9 minutes according to Mapquest.com from where we were staying!  No longer did I have to stalk their Facebook page or drool over their website... I could do it all in real life!

The shopping bag is cute too - I didn't want to put my new outfit away since it would mean putting the bag away as well.
The store itself is one street off the main "drag" of Encinitas.  This is a huge plus to me since parking is a real bear on the main street.  It is a very cute store.  The walls are "pinked" up and there is a fun atmosphere to it - small, cozy, and full of every running skirt they make... and hairbands, socks, gloves, books... the list goes on.  I needed to have a rich relative leave me an inheritance at that very moment. 

How cute is this?  The hooks in the dressing room are even fancy!

I wanted a skirt with capris built in so that if it ever gets cold here, I could still run with a skirt.  My problem is picking out which one.  I was always the kid who picked the red item and then wished she had the green.  Or got the tall thing and got home and wanted the short.  I haven't grown out of it.  So just picking a skirt was going to be a chore.  Luckily (not!), I had my very impatient children with me who "helped" me quickly decide what skirt I wanted.  Instead of being stuck there for hours, my children only had to endure this store for maybe fifteen minutes.  And the nice salesperson was wearing this very outfit - which I didn't notice until I had already decided what to buy - but that just made it all that much better because I then was sure the top and the skirt would look really cute together!

I am pretty happy with my purchase... now I'm just waiting for it to get cold so I can actually *wear* this outfit.  Too bad it was still in the 90s today....


  1. Love the outfit!! I would love to visit their store....one day!

  2. Love the outfit - it is so perfect for fall!

  3. Ditto. Would be there all day!

    Love the outfit. Lucky you.

  4. Add me to the list of would love to visit the store! Your outfit is too cute. Love the plaid.