Saturday, December 25, 2010

The "Official" Turkey Trot

The church 5K was just a warm up.  The real action was at the Thanksgiving Cross Country Classic... aka the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  In our 5th year of running it, there were still lots of haybales to hop over and a mud puddle to leap - or run through as I always do.  I think it's the fear of slipping and falling that makes me not even try to leap the mud puddles!  Son wanted to make sure he beat husband.  Daughter came along for moral support. 

First Son came up the hill...
And then my amazing Husband!
It's a race where they run men and women separately.  Men went first and Daughter and I spent the time looking at jogglers, guys in elf suits, and boys wearing turkey hats all run by while we tried to see Husband and Son.  Pretty soon Son came along and not too far behind him was Husband.  The unfortunate part about this whole thing was that there were so many people at the finish that the numbers and times could not be collected quickly enough and there was quite a backup of men.  Which, of course, didn't work out so good for husband, his time was quite skewed from what he thought it should be.  Son didn't care.  All that mattered to him was that he had beat his dad and his grandpa promised him $20 for the feat!  If only I could earn money that easily!

Here I am avoiding the puddles!
Then, the women were off.  There were lots of them running as well and I did manage to start near the front, so it helped me gain position from the start.  I managed to set a PR and come in at 24:07.  Amazing really since I didn't feel like I was in great 5K shape.  Maybe all the extra pilates is showing that it is worth something??  I would LOVE to get a 5K time under 24 minutes, but I am quite happy that I did as well as I did!

No prizes... except for maybe Son who was collecting cash, but I was happy and felt at least a little justified in being able to have a big turkey dinner and a little bit of pie!

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