Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 3rd and 4th Biannual Team Brenton 2.5K Fun Run

Last year, Husband had a great idea for a New Year's Fun Run.  We had great time doing it, so we are "hosting" the 3rd and 4th Biannual Run this year!  I am running a little behind this year on getting the information out on this event, but it is still on. The rules are simple, and the same as last year. They are listed below...

1. Sign up by making a small donation at: 100 Friends.  This is a great non-profit run by a guy named Mark Gold. He lives out of various hotel rooms. He gives small amounts of money to people who are trying to make a living, but have great needs. It might be 50 cents, or 15 dollars, but it will be enough to help them be self sufficient. Husband and I liked the charity and felt it was worthy. Please research it for yourself so you can feel good about your donation. Read the Sunday Parade magazine story and more of what he does at the link to his Facebook page.

2. Run 2.5K on December 31st 2010, and then run the second 2.5K on January 1st 2011. Running can be substituted for walking, skiing, cycling, skipping, crawling, any non motorized human powered activity you choose. (2.5K is 1.55 miles)

3. Have fun, and feel good that we are helping someone we don't even know because that's what good people do.

4. All finishers will receive a finishers prize after providing photographic evidence of their accomplishment that will be posted on Running Around on Empty and quite possibly Husband's blog, Broken, Beat and Scarred (lots of cool info about his rock climbing and other (mis)adventures written from his unedited viewpoint!).

Husband and I will be running from 11:45pm on December 31, 2010 to 12:15am January 1, 2011 (approx). If you are in town and want to join us we'd love to have you... otherwise, we can't wait to see your photos!


  1. It's Broken, Beat & Scarred. No and. It's a Metallica song.

  2. What a great idea! Oh, and love that you're running from one year into the next!

    Winks & Smiles,

  3. Amy, the charity "100 Friends" was featured today on "Daily Good" from CharityFocus: !

  4. Yay! I'm happy for the fact that 100 Friends is getting lots of press. I think it's a worthwhile thing to help!

  5. Hey Amy, ready to send my pix - just don't look for great photography b/c I was using the "hold the camera as far away from your face as possible and hope" method - I can't find an email here to send them to you - can you post one or send me the address at opuswsk at aol dot com? Thanks!!