Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas week motivations?

Christmas vacation is always a hard time for me in keeping up my running and fitness goals.  First, I'm off work for two weeks and not obligated to run at 4:30am.  I tell myself that I will run as soon as the sun comes up and it gets warm, but, then the kids get up and daily chores rear their ugly heads.  Before I know it, the sun is going down and it's getting cold again!  Second, sweet treats keep showing up at my doorstep and are taunting me at every turn.  I haven't even baked anything this year and I have cookies and candy coming out my ears!  I'm sure I can't be the only one in this situation.  I know that's why the theme on every women's magazine in the grocery store checkout line is how to "Lose the holiday pounds and keep them off."  And while driving today, in the space of 2 miles, I heard 3 radio commercials for various gym promotions to start my new year off right. 

So far, though, kuddos to me, I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and went to Pilates class today.  Not too many kuddos for me though.  I had a bad attitude.  The Pilates teacher was out of town and left us with a awful substitute.  I do mean awful.  I wanted to stay at first because Husband got me a really cool yoga mat for Christmas that I wanted to try out.  (Is my gym the only one where it looks like they have pet sharks that eat the corners off of all the mats?)  Then fifteen minutes into class I really wanted to leave.  I did stick it out the entire hour.  I suppose moving through his class was better than sitting at home eating the half full bag of Christmas M&M's though.  

Maybe the new socks I got for Christmas will help.  My sister sent me these great running socks!  I had never told her that Balega is one of my favorite running sock brands, but great minds think a like and they were gifted from her to me!  There's nothing like a run in a new pair of socks!  Someday when I inherit millions from a long lost relative, I will only run in brand new socks.  I think I'm looking forward to my next run now!

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