Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day eating nightmare...

Caused by yours truly.  I have no self control.  None.

I woke up to go on my 4:30am run to find these left in the bathroom by my sweet husband who knows that I love chocolate covered cherries almost as much as life itself.  The Trader Joe's kind are excellent... as you can see from the picture... since they are half gone!  I also have those other TJ treats as well.  Thankfully they are still unopened!

I went to work... these cute bags are what kindergartners fill with cards and candy.  While they might not think I'm truly their Valentine, my name was on the list that was sent home, so all their moms made them write me a card.  Most of them had Hershey's kisses stuck to them.  This isn't everything.  There are some less cute bags not pictured. 

I went to Pilates.  Pilates should be safe.  Especially when I walked in there feeling slightly sick from the above mentioned candy.  No.  Wrong.  Ellen was feeling especially sweet, so she brought a whole basket of candy.  And made us take two since not that many people came.  Probably because they were home getting ready for their hot Valentine's dates instead of shoving down more candy.  I think Ellen was just giving me an reason to come back for more.

I really wish a serving size of those cherries was in the neighborhood of 42.  The fact that I had run a little extra yesterday morning probably didn't cancel out anything.  I would have had to run about six marathons for that to happen!

How did Valentine's Day become so much more dangerous for me than Halloween?

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