Thursday, September 30, 2010

Running... a family thing!

Son just finished up his junior high cross country season on Tuesday.  He went out thinking he was going to do really well.... and, well, I was scared to watch!  So many scenarios went through my mind... nothing horribly bad, just him not doing as well as he wanted to for one reason or another.  In short, the mom in me didn't want him to be disappointed.  He ended up coming in 7th.  It was a pretty exciting eleven plus minutes (If I could only run 1.9 miles even CLOSE to that time!).  I watched with my eyes half shut.  Maybe scared if I watched I would jinx him?  I don't know.  He got a medal though.  The team came in second in the division... one point separated them and the champions!
Not a photo from this week's race, but I love the determination in his face!
Meanwhile, Husband is trying to decide whether or not to run a December marathon.  He's never done one before.  Neither have I, so I don't have a lot of advice to offer on the subject, other than spousal support.  It sounds intriguing.  Running a marathon is on my list of things I would like to do by age 40.  It will take a lot of planning to get one to work.  Getting the mileage in at this point would kill me.  Well, not kill me, but the laundry would pile up (not that it doesn't already!) and we would end up subsisting on processed food (have I mentioned my obsession lately with trying to eat more food that is less processed??).  Only 2.5 years to work it into my schedule.  Maybe we will come into some sort of inheritance during that time in which I can hire a maid and a cook.

I love this shirt.  I'd buy them for the whole family if Daughter was a runner!  I saw them on Mel's blog with her cute kids wearing them.  Too bad dancing is Daughter's thing or they would make for a great Christmas picture!

What is it about me finding cute t-shirts this week?

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