Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Five things...

That made my Sat morning 9 mile run worth it...

5. Feeling strong the whole time I was out.  While running along, I did my mental body check and realized that I felt great!

4. Knowing that this was a much better run than the ones that had happened all week long.  Monday's run was hot (85º @ 4:30am) and Wednesday's run was taken over by being followed by a dog.  Once I found out that it was not going to savagely attack me, it ran 2 miles with me.  But then I spent a half hour trying to figure out where it lived.  Friday, well, I was looking forward to the weekend and was not being as focused as I should have been!

3. I ate a whole bunch of York Mints when I got home.  The kind that are really bad for you.  These were probably especially bad since they were pumpkin shaped and artificial orange color for Halloween.  I earned the calories though!  Later my husband brought me home some mint chocolate fudge from his Saturday adventures.  I guess one day of bad nutrition won't kill me!

2. It was day light.  As much as I like running when the world is quiet, it is nice to see the sun and realize that there are other people out doing their morning runs as well.  I'm now normally getting home from mine now quite a while before the sun breaks over the ridge in the east, so it was nice to enjoy other people being around.

1. Nine miles.  I hadn't run that in quite some time and I have hope that this weekend's run will be even better.  I did it at my normal race pace without even trying that hard... it makes me want to think that if everything is as good as it was this past weekend on race day, that ten miles will just fly by!

And, I just came across this website in my inbox... it looks like they have lots of fun shirts... and the company was started by some running moms.  If anyone is interested in sending me one, well, I wouldn't complain! ;)

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