Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing like the intoxicating smell of...

New shoe rubber!  I'm going to be completely honest here and admit that I ignore when to replace running shoes.  At $100+ a pop, I see no reason to replace them every 300-500 miles unless they are really bothering you.  I have not as of yet had knee/ankle/foot related issues.  Would I like to replace them sooner?  Yes!  Who wouldn't want that new shoe smell wafting out of a beautiful cardboard box at them?  But, until I find a long lost uncle who has died and left his Gates-eque inheritance to me, I will be buying them on a "as needed" basis.  My current shoes have close to 800 miles on them.  They are high end shoes, so I guess you get what you pay for.  I suppose that $40 Kohls shoes wouldn't have fared so well (though wouldn't it be nice to wish for that?!?).

Without further ado, here are the shoes I've been wanting for a while.  They are Saucony Triumphs.  I've been wearing the style for a while, but never in such a cute color.  I think this is acutally the first pair of running shoes I've had that I actually *want* to wear.  I wonder if I will want to wear them more at 4:30am?

Long awaited new shoes!
 And, the other thing this picture tells me?  I need new socks now.  Ick.  I think these socks have been around a really long time and are not as white as I believed!  Now off to run faster, longer, and stronger!

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