Monday, July 23, 2012

Food for Thought

We all know how important eating is... especially for the runner.  We all try and make sure we eat less sugar, more water, just the right amounts of fat, protein, and there are others of us who venture into vegetarian/vegan territory trying to find just the right fueling process for our bodies.  I personally am trying to eat a more plant based diet, but haven't been able to completely give up meat yet.

Over the past few years, I've turned into somewhat of a food nazi amature nutritionist.  My kids appreciate me... sometimes.  My cute husband tolerates me.  I think they all wish I'd just give in and go for a big bowl of ice cream and brownies at every meal.  As the main course.

I came across this article this morning and found it pretty interesting.  In my marathon training so far, I've been trying to be conscious about what I eat and have even started making sure that the training products I've been using are organic or natural... to the best extent I can. 

After reading this article, what are your thoughts of products that you use for training?  I would love to be able to carry around a banana or a sandwich, but I just don't see being able to carry it well or eat it while running.

I'm leaving you with a couple of photos from our trip to southwestern Colorado... my cute husband, son, and I did a 40 mile backpacking trip... over 4 days with 3 12,000ft passes involved!  Yay for cross training (and fyi, I didn't leave daughter behind on purpose, she's living at a university summer program right now).  Now it's over and today is back to work day for me!

At the top of a pass... son is not as upset as he looks!


  1. I'm sure my hubby would love for me to be normal about food! While I love GU after becoming pregnant I started looking into real food I could eat on my long runs instead of it. I used raisins and it worked well! I've never been a fan of Gatorade and Powerade even when I was young. I do like NUUN but I only use it after a run to rehydrate. I just finished Born to Run and it seems like ultrarunners have that real food fuel thing down pat!

  2. Wow! That's awesome! Looks like a great trip:) I can't imagine carrying a sandwich or banana while running either. When I went to my running coach class a guy said he puts mashed potatoes with sea salt in a ziploc and squeezes them into his mouth during his long runs:0 I guess he at least knows what is in his fuel:)