Friday, January 6, 2012

Resolutions... goals... plans?

Whatever you call them, everyone seems to think a lot about them during the first week of a new year.  A blank calendar is just so enticing and in your mind, running a sub 20 min 5K anything is possible.  Just like the rest of the world, I've written down a few things that I would like to accomplish in the next 12 months. 

* Run 1000 miles.  I know, I know.  I wrote this down last year.  Ignoring the first week of this year (did I mention my Cute Husband had his keys/wallet/phone stolen and staying up late canceling credit cards doesn't mix with 4:30am runs), I think it is possible.  I have lots of great inspiration out there to draw upon, and I really think that's what I need sometimes. 

* Leave the muffin top behind.  Let's face it folks.  It's been 14.5 years since I had a baby.  Though my baby weight is gone, the baby pooch is still there.  No one thinks I'll lose it anytime soon because it's supposed to have left years ago.  And, yes, I have a plan for this too.  Step one... bought a resistance band.  Step two... started using it.  Ouch.  Hopefully one of these days my arms won't feel like soggy noodles when I'm done.  Step three... check out other kind of workouts as well.  I'm kind of interested in kettlebells.  I've heard lots of good stuff.  I'd rather be out running... but they say this is how it works to get stronger.  2012 is the year to test out this theory.

* Eat better.  It goes hand in hand with leaving the muffin top behind.  This means staying away from Trader Joes.  At least that isle where the chocolate covered cherries live. 

* Run a marathon.  I really want to do one before I'm 40.  The clock is ticking.  There is around 1 year and 4 months left until this event occurs.  My sister lives in Chicago and thinks I should go do that this year with her.  It is tempting.  I probably would never have another chance to do it and have a free place to stay and someone who knows their way around the city (silly sister and that military lifestyle!).  Thoughts on Chicago?  Registration opens on February 1.....

Other than that, I haven't keyed in any specific races at this point.  Those kids and their things are too unpredictable at this point.  I always feel like I'm going out on a huge limb to make plans like that because of them.  I really would like to find something to do this spring - then there would be that motivation to keep getting up on a regular basis while these colder mornings are here.  And I don't even live where it's REALLY cold!  Now just to find something I could get excited about....

If you're visiting from Fitness Friday... welcome....


  1. Those sound like totally do-able goals! And I think the baby muffin top is something we all fight, regardless of when the babies happened.

    I may do Chicago too. It's one of the big ones, right?

  2. Yes. Run Chicago! Running with 45,000 people can be challenging but it's awesome. I'd love to run it again! The whole experience of a race that size is amazing.

    When you find something that you're excited about accomplishing the goal is easy :)

  3. Ha! Operation muffin top. :-) Do Chicago.

  4. I've got operation muffin top going too. So frustrating that I can gain 4 lbs at the drop of the hat and then spend a month to lose it.

    Go for Chicago! So fun to do with your sister.

  5. I think you have set up great goals! i just bought a kettlebell to do Jillian Micheals dvd and I only bought a 5 pound one and on level one I felt nothing. not sure if I was doing it wrong or just focused on the book I was listening too so wasnt giving it my all. I need to try again.