Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Trot recap and HBBC week #1

There's nothing like a four day weekend... to make you wish for more! 

My family had a wonderful weekend... it's so nice to take a break and relax!

First up, my sister and her family were visiting from Chicago, IL this week so - of course I had to invite them to run the Mesa Turkey Trot with me.  It was a 10K - a little different than my "normal" 5K Thanksgiving Turkey trot... it was a beautiful, slightly overcast morning and truly perfect running weather.  I finished in 50:18 - and was pretty happy with the results!  And, if you were wondering, my sister and BIL came in a couple of minutes behind me.  I was pretty surprised actually!  I was under the impression that they were much speedier than me.

There were almost 3,000 people in the 10K and the race was mostly through neighborhoods.  It was pretty fun to see all of these people bring chairs out of their homes and watch the racers go by their house.  And oddly enough - someone I hadn't seen in years recognized me and yelled (Hi Leslie!) as I ran by. Such a small world!

As for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge this week - I didn't get a ton of exercise in just because of the travel, visiting, and shopping I ended up doing, but did get 3 runs in (aka 16 points) and pretty good eating in - no candy binging or pie overeating.  Fruits and veggies abounded!  My goal for this next week is to make sure exercise is right up there as a priority - and not having time off from work will probably keep me going... why is it when I have a more relaxed schedule I, well, relax?


  1. The turkey trots are always fun. My Thanksgiving race didn't work out so I ran solo and loved it! It was such a beautiful day. I seem to get more done with I have a lot to do. Does that makes any sense?

    Good luck with week 2!

  2. LOVE 4 day weekends!!! Turkey trots are always fun and a great way to start off a holiday of eating!! Great job with week #1!!!

  3. Great job!! I totally forgot about the points for veggies, might have helped my small score!

  4. Great job on the race! Glad you had a wonderful time with your family!

  5. Great job on your Turkey Trot--wonderful time! Ours was a 10K, too, but it was two weeks ago--I guess they want to get it done before the actual holiday.

  6. This sounds like totally fun event!

  7. Hi Amy--
    I don't have your address for the Holiday Card Exchange. I apologize if I lost it in my email. Can you send it again ASAP?

  8. you are one of the only peopel that has a turkey trot as large as ours! love that you got your family involved :)