Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you Hugged a Runner Today?

I was cruising the internet today and discovered yet another little celebrated holiday... Hug A Runner Day - Nov 20, 2011.  Sorry if this info is getting to you late, but I just found out myself.  You can read all about it here - there is even a Facebook page for this.  Too funny.  And, should you be wondering, I have hugged a runner today - my cute husband was quite huggable and he was quite patient while I celebrated with him (though honestly, he didn't seem to mind all that much!)... and it's probably not too late to go hug my son either.  And while I'm at it, though my daughter doesn't run, I should hug her for good measure! 

How are you doing on the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge?  I ran 6 miles yesterday and ate fairly well.  Except for the Dairy Queen, but it was date night.  Today it seemed like all I did was cook veggies - which were really good, but it is an effort to eat well.  Hopefully the leftovers will get me to Thursday and Thanksgiving.


  1. I love what you said on my blog about the school lunches and chicken nuggets and fries. My kids too hate to stand in line at school...the microwaves. It's just crazy to me the stuff I saw when I did lunch duty last year. Parents would send a back of microwave popcorn to school as their kindergartner's lunch...that's it just popcorn. Seriously!?!? We can only control what our kids eat I guess, or try to any way. :) Jessica

  2. This is new to me. It just so happens I hugged my husband several times yesterday and he's a runner :)

    Lovin' the motivation of HBBC! It's that little competitive side of me.

  3. Oh I missed it! Yes I did hug my daughter and she loves to run...and I hugged the hubby....I hope he wants to run!

  4. Found your blog through Beth's giveaway and I'm your newest follower! I'm doing HBBC but I'm already behind with an unexpected trip out of town. Looks like you are off to a great start!