Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I love getting stuff in the mail...

You shouldn't ever say you never win anything.  I have said it a lot over my life, and I've found while I don't win millions of dollars, I do win a few cool things here and there to make my life more interesting.  I wasn't even the "real" winner of this prize - I was the 2nd person to be drawn for this prize after the 1st one didn't email her back... It was one of the prizes for the "Not Over the Hill 5K" that Carrie hosted last month.  I can tell that my family will have a fun dinner one night with these cute bicycle shaped pastas!  Too bad so sad for that 1st person missing out on this because it is pretty cool.

Then I also received this box of goodies... from the good folks at Bob's Red Mill who are sponsoring "Train With Grain."  I was really surprised to get this because I read about it on one of my favorite money saving websites, went to sign up for it, and after I had entered my name, address, etc, they wanted to know what I was training for and had a long list of events.  Nothing on the list was even in my state, so I closed the window and never thought about it again until I came home and saw this box on my table.  Bob's Red Mill was super generous with a bag of quinoa, a bag of pancake mix, a bag of granola, and a bag of 10 grain hot cereal.  I feel like I won the lottery because I love all of these products.  I might even wear the hat just because those Bob's people were so nice.  It also looks like this promo is still around if you're interested.

I'm sure by now my cute husband doesn't believe me when the UPS man drives up and I say that I can't remember ordering anything. 

If only I could get the folks at Saucony or to send me stuff.  Then my running addiction habit could almost be paid for!


  1. Ditto on the Saucony and Running Skirts freebies!

    I have been lucky enought to win a few giveaways too and I love it... so much fun to see what's in the parcel.

    Good for you!

  2. i'm like you as well feeling that I never win anything- a few blog giveaways here and there are like Christmas to me!
    I don't know if you follow Jill at "Run for the Hills" but she is doing a large giveaway raffle to help raise money for St. Jude- Runningskirts isn't one of the prizes, but a nu muu dress is

    Here is the link if you're interested

  3. Enjoy the pasta! I thought it was adorable, too.