Sunday, September 4, 2011

Getting Ready for Monday...

As most of the world will be sleeping in on Monday for Labor Day (ok, not the whole world, but most of the people I associate with), I will be running the Saguaro National Park 8 mile Labor Day race.  It's the 2nd  event in the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown race series. 

Saguaro is one of my favorite races to do.  This is my fifth year to do it (read about last year's race here).  Why?  Maybe because of the long hill (1.5 miles) you have to climb after 3 miles into the race.  Maybe because it's hot.  (It's at 6:30, it's not THAT hot yet!).  Or maybe because I never feel as prepared as I could but feel SO accomplished that I did it?  I'm never prepared as much as I would like to be.  The end of summer heat and the start of school always catch me and this race is always a super challenge.

I went and picked up my shirt and number yesterday... not the prettiest of shirts ever, but I will earn it!

I have food ready... since the grape Nuun worked so well last Monday, I'll have it with me tomorrow.  And, I won't have both packages of sport beans.... I just need to decide which flavor I like more...

And to decide on an outfit... if I'm not going to be super fast, I might as well look good doing it!  My Cute Husband is doing it with me again - he's a great running partner to have along with you at races.  Though, he never puts much thought into what he will wear... he has 2 of the exact same pairs of shorts and 2 of the same shirts, just different colors. 

Good luck to all those running in other events this weekend!  (Did I mention I'm a tad bit green with envy of those of you running in that small Anaheim race?  Of course if I was there, I wouldn't be doing Saguaro either.)


  1. Good luck and enjoy the race. Looking cute is important...and fun! I keep hearing so much about Nuun. What exactly is it? Maybe it's something I need to try?

    I'll think about your race when I'm running my 20 mile long run tomorrow morning.

  2. Best of luck on the race. I agree the outfit is very important! Is Nuun an energy drink mix??