Monday, November 1, 2010

Life happens.





Drive kids places.

Clean bathrooms.

Balance checkbook.

Grocery shop.

Cut coupons.

Youth church activities.



I shouldn't complain, but these are the main reasons that I didn't get the 83 mile challenge completed during the month of October.  I had GREAT intentions, but, as we see, intentions aren't everything.  I need to make more time in my life to run and not feel guilty that the laundry isn't done or that dinner will be late.  Easier said than done.  Add to the mix a weekend in the mountains, a sore throat, and a morning that I slept through my alarm by one whole hour (!), and my grand total was 61.01 miles run. 

November will be better.  Either a new challenge will be issued by Tall Mom, or, I'll continue on and try again for the 83 mile challenge on my own.  I'm off to a good start with November 1st happening and I'm up one 4 mile run! 

And, November brings a couple of fun events... my church is sponsoring a 5K on November 20th - (free!) and then my family always runs in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot... not free but always lots of fun (think straw bales to leap over and mud puddles to either jump or leap over!)

Our mountain weekend proves that there is fall happening somewhere...
But, also contributed to my not finishing my 83 miles for October!
Here's to a more balanced November!

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  1. Um, 61.01 is nothing to sneeze at! Great job! Way to get those in while juggling everything else.

    Winks & Smiles,