Monday, July 19, 2010

Do Not Follow My Example

I've been out of town for the past week.  My family went to Channel Islands National Park for some backpacking/camping adventures.  We then spent a couple of days in Ventura, CA before heading home.  Those two mornings we woke up in a hotel room instead of a tent, I had great intentions of getting up and running in the cool sea air.  Laziness set it and it didn't happen.  Now here I am back home and I just got home from my first run in over a week.  It was horribly hot and humid.  I take back all of my favorite reasons to run it summer and claim they are only true in June before the humidity kicks in.  It was 90 degrees when I was out this morning (6am) and really felt like I was stiffer than a board.  It wasn't a great run... but at least it was a run, especially since I am now off to church girl's camp for a week as a leader, and I don't see a lot of running going on there.

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