Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I can't have anything...

I'm home for Spring Break this week.  We decided not to go out of town in favor of painting the outside of the house.  Yeah I know.  Life around here is more fun than Disneyland.  Maybe it had to do with the fact that we have almost a $1000 worth of paint in the shed that we bought in October to do this.  That's where my Spring Break vacation is.  Stuck to the house.

I should be more honest.  My Cute Husband is painting the house.  I am deep cleaning the inside.  Not that it needs it or anything.  I think there are some dust bunnies that were getting ready to carry us off into the night. 

During this process, I was cleaning out the drawer where all of our energy food is kept.  The Clif Bars, the Powerbar chews, the Nuun I got from entering their contest last year.  My Cute Husband doesn't care for the taste of Nuun so I've been the only one using it.  While training for my half marathon last fall, I used a little bit, but four tubes goes a long way.  I think each tube has something like 12 tablets in it.  During my training I opened each tube to see what each flavor tasted like.  My favorite is grape.  Needless to say, since I haven't been running really long distances lately and it hasn't been super hot, I haven't used a lot of my Nuun lately.  I was saving it for my Chicago marathon training this summer. 

You noticed I said *was*?

While cleaning out this drawer, I picked up the Nuun bottles and noticed that they seemed a lot lighter than the one I had that wasn't open.  I looked inside.  One lone tablet lie at the bottom of each tube.


In conducting the investigation into what happened to my Nuun, I found that my 14 year old son wanted something to eat.  In this process, he decided that in the snacks I have available to him, which include apples, bananas, popcorn, cheese & crackers, and many other things depending on the day and how long it's been since I've been to the grocery store, there was nothing that he cared to eat.  He thought that eating Nuun tablets straight out of the tube were his best bet.  He kept doing it for days, thinking that I would never notice one or two gone, until, one day there was only one in each tube left so he decided he should quit.  No one ever said he has any common sense.

He had no idea that he had eaten almost $30 worth of Nuun tablets. 

Yes, this is why I can't have anything nice.  And also why I dream of beating my head against the wall some days.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try.


  1. My kids would totally do this. They love "running water," as they call it. Fortunately they are only five and not quite so resourceful.

    We did our spring cleaning last weekend! It's not as good as Disneyland but feels so good when you're done!!

  2. Oh wow, I can't imagine that the tablets themselves taste that great!

    Good luck with the house painting and deep cleaning!