Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Annual Mouthy Kid Race Up the Hill... the race report!

As you may remember, I challenged my dear son to a race up the "Hill" on the morning of the 4th of July.  And believe it or not, he got out of bed at 5:30am when I went to let him know we had to get going.  I was shocked.  Maybe I should make him do this every morning before school as well?  Not only was it going to be miserable and horrible hot and humid, the hill path closes at 7:30am because it is part of a research facility and not really a public walking trail.  They are really nice to let the public use it while the facility is not open.  Lucky for us, it was only 77ºF out when we got there.  Too bad the humidity was at about a million 84 percent since it had tried to rain the night before.

I was also making sure I got my Independence Day 5K in as well... (still time to enter at Lets Move It Mommas )... so I made my son take my photo in the parking lot with the hill behind me. 
How come that hill looks so much bigger when I'm half way up?
I was trying to treat this with the enthusiasm that I would a real race, so I even put on matchy matchy clothes (I love my Skirt Sports skirt... I thought I had comfortable running skirts, but this one tops them all!).  Too bad it wasn't red, white, or blue, but, hot pink and black is the next best thing!

My family wanted to know how I got Bib #1... um, I had the option to write my own number in... and since I had never been #1 in any race ever, why not?

Well, son and I started out.  And he did make it to the top faster than I did.  By about 2 minutes.  The funny thing was, he didn't want to run down.  I thought for him that would be the best part.  Nope.  He walked.  I ran and had to wait at least 5 minutes for him. 
Staged photo.  He really didn't want me to take any photo at all.
I finished my 5K in 34:13... not my fastest 5K time by a long shot, but in most 5Ks I'm not getting the elevation gain like I did here.  I know, I should just roll down the hill to make up for it on the other end.

After our run was over, we went right across the street to the Safeway and I let him pick out whichever ice cream suited him.  He picked out the gallon plastic tub with the handle that most people get for birthday parties.  And he had it for breakfast.  Right out of the tub.  The sweet taste of victory!

I mentioned doing this again next 4th of July and he was open to the idea.  I think a tradition may have been born. 

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  1. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping at my blog last week. I am just now making my rounds from Jill's blog hop. I am loving this new tradition with your son. Something you will both cherish as he gets older. And his victory celebration had me laughing... oh, to be a teenager again with the metabolism to go with it :D

    Maria @ asphalt Tales