Sunday, May 8, 2011

April report and some fun stuff....

April has come and gone and I'm now into my 5th month of trying to run 1000 miles this year.  How am I doing?  In April I was rededicating myself to the project... but now in adding up the numbers, I ran .9 miles LESS than in March.  What's with that?  I did alright in making it to spin class, but Pilates is another story.  I haven't been in weeks because of end of the school year kid stuff.  Track meets, awards assemblies, concerts... am I the only one in this boat?  I'm thinking I'll get there next Monday.... after this week life should calm down a lot.  Is this 1000 mile thing really possible?  Am I dreaming that I can do it?  And now it's starting to get hot again too.

I guess I'll rededicate myself again.  Really.

Fun stuff...  I got some money for my birthday for some new clothes.  The local outdoor outfitter has a ladies night this past week... which was really a good idea - someone needs to compete with REI!  They had food (chocolate!), tables of info, and lots of great deals.  I bought a few shirts, a skirt, and, not that I really need another one (really, I don't)... a running skirt and top.  Very cute.  Half off plus 10 percent.  I had never tried a Skirt Sports skirt before... and I took it out for a test run yesterday - and wow - way comfortable!  I think I'm in love...

The top and bottom match!  I don't have any others that do!
And my kids are great to me today.  They know I love my Keens... in my rich life I will just have Keen send me a new pair every time they come out with something else.  In all the colors.  I think the kids must have thought I was wearing my pair I've had for 4 or 5 years out.  Or they were tired of the color I had an wanted something else to look at!  Aren't these cute?  (Seriously though, I don't think my original ones will ever wear out - they've been to the beach, the mountains, and everywhere in between and still look pretty new!)  I love those kids lots - there's not too many other reasons I'd sacrifice running time... but they are one of the reasons that I am willing to.....

Isnt' the brown and mint cute?  It reminds me of my favorite kind of ice cream!

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