Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Trail Run of 2010!

I know, I should have done it earlier in the year, but it was January 30th before I got my first trail run in. I love running trails, but somehow getting there when there aren't kids to drive around or work to go to seems near impossible. So, my husband and I took an anniversary trip to Silver City, NM. While there were a few nice things about this town, what impressed me was that they have a trail system built into some open space near downtown. You basically get to hike/run around lots of old mines... after all, Silver City is an old mining town! The day before had been really snowy and foggy, which I am told that is unusal, but, it made for some snowy spots in the trail, and some icy patches to watch out for. Gone was the soft snow of the day before! There was a place along the trail we even took some time to go explore one of the old mines. We ran right at 5 miles, and while it wasn't a very technical trail, it was fun to get out and run somewhere new! If you ever get to travel anywhere, get up a little earlier so you can go run! With the advantages of the internet, it's not hard to find out where the locals go! If you ever find yourself in Silver City with some time to run, head for their Boston Hill Trail System .

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