Friday, July 1, 2011

First Fitness Friday!

Life As I See It [Fitness, Health and Happiness]
I love the idea of participating in the Fitness Friday Blog Hop - go visit Life As I See It if you would like to participate!  She has all the great details!
Fitness Friday thoughts from me?  Mostly shopping and clothes related (how shallow is that?).  But we all want to look great when we are out there - right?  I'm just as guilty as the next runner, but don't care quite so much most of the time when I'm out in the pre dawn hours for my runs.  Though, come a race, I have been known to be quite worried about what I should wear.  It must be cute, comfortable, and lightweight.  I want to look like I just stepped out of a magazine.. or a catalog... or a website... I'm not picky!
It's very tempting when places like keep sending me emails with tempting offers of "free shipping" and "new product lines"... Happy Fourth of July they said!  Then I decided to do an inventory of what sort of running clothes I really do have....
Picture quality is low... but you get the idea
This picture was taken with three complete running outfits taken out of the mix since they are dirty.. and it still appears that I could go for quite a while without washing a thing if I wanted too.  Do I really *need* the cute new running skirt?  Will I be able to squeeze my exercise apparel drawer shut if I did?  I did managed to take one pair of shorts out after looking at this mess.  They never fit right to begin with.  The drawer still really didn't shut that much better.

How much is too much for you?  Do you regularly wear all the running clothes you have - or do you just wear what's on top of the pile (not that I would know anything about doing that!)?  Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones that could use a few new pairs of shorts?  I'm curious what is in your fitness closet!

PS - Good News!  Something that actually does have to do with fitness.  I ran the "Hill" again today, felt like jelly while doing it, but don't hurt now that its done and has been a few hours!  Yay!  Better yet, it's finally the first day I'm not sore from Monday's gym workout!  Double Yay!


  1. here from Jill's blog hop! The newest RW has some great stuff in it speaking of running clothes. I have to convince myself I don't need any of it, especially the run love shirt!!

  2. I have so many running outfits that I actually have some new and newish stuff that I keep specifically for races. Of course, I have to have clothes for three distinct seasons - winter, spring/fall, summer and I need at least five outfits for each (and in reality probably have closer to 8 for each LOL). I'm on a self imposed running clothes purchasing moratorium...

  3. Two pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and they are always dirty.

  4. awwww...running skirts! :) I'll have to check that out! I'm in need of new running attire :)
    I hope you will link up to my "Fitness Friday" on my blog. Jill and I had been talking and had the same idea wit it! Fun! I hope you'll join and visit every friday :)

    Beachbody Coach site:

  5. I've been wanting to get some running/biking skort for awhile! Thanks for the validation-I need me some new workout clothes!!!
    Great job on the hill!!

  6. So glad you all stopped by! I had so much fun doing the blog hop that I'm going to make sure I do it every Friday!

  7. I'm jealous of your running clothes collection! I have 2 running tanks, one pair of Brooks capris and one pair of shorts I alternate. I do laundry a lot :-)

    Liking you back from Uberlibrariana/SarahFitness. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Thanks for linking up on the blog hop. I love making new friends! You have quite the collection of running gear...Jealous. I have only a few outfits and wear the ones that are clean...LOL!

    have a great day!!

  9. I love running skirts! And yes, I choose what I want to workout in and it's usually not on top.

    Checking to make sure I have followed and sending a friend request on DM :)

    Thanks for linking up with FF!

  10. Congrats on the hill! Yay!

    My workout wardrobe is really growing - especially since I've lost weight. Now I want to look cuter! ;) I play tennis, too, so I get really caught up with both! You've inspired me to take inventory, too!

    Winks & Smiles,

  11. A new visitor from the blog hop and loving the work out clothes. For some reason I can't seem to get enough either, but I just haven't found the right skirt yet?

  12. I have way too many running clothes and tend to wear the same thing over and over. My race outfit doesn't usually change up too much. I always wear my skirtsports - running skirt and change up the top depending on the weather!

    Great Fitness Friday post! Glad to meet up with your blog through the blog hop.