Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday... New Running Shoes

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If you're joining in for the Fitness Friday blog hop - welcome!  Make sure you comment so I can go visit you as well!

Let's talk running shoes.  I love mine.  I am currently running in the Saucony Pro Grid Triumph.  It's like running with pillows strapped to your feet.  I suppose this does not make me a minimalist runner?   Chris McDougall and Barefoot Ted would hang their heads in shame. 

I have been running in a pink pair for months now.  I've loved my pink pair most of all because they matched my outfits on race day.  Silly reason, but most of the time, I just end up with the pair that was the least expensive.  The last time, it turns out that the pink ones were.  This time, the pink ones were not.  These lovely teal blue ones were.
Smell that new shoe rubber!

I didn't even realize how long I'd been in the pink pair until I got to adding up the mileage... I was nearing 700 miles in those shoes!  No wonder they were looking a little dingy!  I know, I shouldn't run 700 miles in any pair of shoes.  Are they hurting me somehow if I don't feel hurt?  Or will running in old shoes make me more prone to being hurt?  I'm going to say the answer is probably yes to both of my questions and I really need to be better about buying new shoes.  After all, new running shoe rubber is one of my most favorite smells in the world.

Too bad there is always something the kids/house/life need that seems to get put on the priority list higher than running shoes.  I even have a running shoe fund in our family budget, but it always seems to deplete quickly because my cute husband really goes through shoes fast.  He's lucky if he can get 300 miles out of a pair before they start hurting his body somehow.

Ready for a run... they will never look this new again!
Do you switch out running shoes like you should?  Or are you bad like me and remember when your shoes are starting to look road weary and realize they are probably long past their expiration date?


  1. Aren't you supposed to swap out your shoes after 300 miles or 3 years (even unworn the rubber goes stiff)? That's what they told me before I went minimalist :)

    At any rate - I think running shoes should be a priority. Cheaper than therapists and doctors.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I found your blog via Fitness Friday Blogs.
    While I'm not a runner, I do teach group fitness classes, including boot camp, body sculpt and step (which blows through shoes quickly!). I regularly replace my runners every 3 to 4 months. I try not to wait until I feel the spring go out of my step, but use the calendar as a guide.
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

  3. I am laughing because I am talking about new shoes on my post today too! My first pair were pink. Loved them...for the matching outfit reason as well!! Too funny! Looking forward to following your blog!

  4. Hi,new follower from the blog hop,thanks for the comment on my blog,i like to change my shoes after 400 miles as being a heavier runner i wear mine down to much ....

  5. I probably should switch out my shoes sooner than I do but it can be hard to fit it in the budget. Hope you enjoy your new ones!

  6. Love this post! No I don't switch shoes often enough. I really don't like buying new running shoes, because I can't go into a store and pick the prettiest ones. Instead I have to get the ones the store guy advises.

    You can find me at

  7. I love new running shoes! And I happen to run in Saucony too. My latest pair is pink :) Yes. I switch out my shoes regularly. Maybe it's a hyper-paranoia of injury LOL but I can always tell when it's time for new shoes based on how they feel. When I check the mileage. Yep. It's time.

    And when you find great running shoes that match's a bonus :)

  8. I love getting new running shoes, tho this time I'm not sure I'm too crazy about my latest addition? This time I got Brooks, guess it will take some miles to decide. congrats on yours, I love em!

  9. I do the every few hundred miles turnaround. I tried out your smoothie recipe! (rather a combo of your and your hubby's recipes that you sent.)

    It was good!

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