Sunday, July 3, 2011

Race Up the Hill... and More!

My 13 year old son has a mouth.  Not a bad mouth, just a talking big kind of mouth.  We were at the rock climbing gym on Friday after I had run the "Hill".  He couldn't understand why I wasn't trying to do harder routes.  After all, he said, he's out of shape and was doing much harder stuff.  I decided to challenge him to a race up the hill... not even down... only 1.5 miles... he's so much faster than me... even on his worst day.  I even offered him ice cream if he won.  A whole half gallon.  On the way home.  Eat it all for yourself right out of the carton.

He's cute... and what 13 year old kid *doesn't* think he can beat his mom?
He wavered.  He hemmed and hawed.  He said he's consider it.  He knows how slow I am.  He finally said he'd do it. 

Now before you think I'm a mean mom, I mostly did it to get him out of bed and running because he's supposed to be training this summer for cross country. At the rate he's been training, he's going to die the first week back to school.  And he's going to high school this year.  He just doesn't know what he's in for!

So you see, I did it out of love.

I'm calling it the First Annual Mouthy Kid Race Up the Hill.

We're doing it tomorrow for the 4th of July.  I think it could be a fun annual tradition.

And, I'm adding on this fun virtual race as well.  You can sign up for it as well.  You just have to run a 5K sometime between now and July 9th.  She has lots of prizes involved and they aren't given on times, just that you participated.  It's something to motivate you to get out there this summer!

While I'm racing my son up the hill, when I get to the top, I will turn around and continue on down so that I can finish my 5K.  Two birds, one stone! 

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