Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Days Down.

Five to go.  And, I managed to exercise in non-running ways for both days.  Shocked?  I am!  I made it to spin class on Tuesday and swam laps on Wednesday.  Today, well, I haven't decided what's going on yet.  I know.  I should plan things out better.  Maybe someday.

I have a plan for better nutrition though.  And it's been reinforced yet again by this article in my newspaper this morning.  It's not as much how you exercise, it's what you put in your mouth!  Such hard truths! 

I had some very overripe bananas.  Usually I freeze them and throw them in smoothies.  But I already have a freezer full of frozen bananas due to a warm house, so I got out the dehydrator.  That was the smartest thing I had done in weeks.  Probably months.  I have a very weak spot for Trader Joes Flattened Bananas.  If you haven't tried them, you must.  Pretty cheap... and pretty good for you!  Guess what?  My dehydrated bananas turned out tasting like the TJs Flattened Bananas I love so much!  Yay for bananas that are going bad!

I also love Larabars.  I saw that Wifey made some and loved them.  I figured I'd try too.  YUM!  She's right.  They are great!  Apparently I like dates and didn't realize it.  Mine didn't turn out very photo worthy, so, just go search the internet for some appropriate photos and you will know what they *should* look like.

I probably should admitt though that I haven't been all banana chips and Larabars.  Yesterday was a horrible day sugarwise.  I went to work for 3 hours only to have cinnamon rolls there.  I had a Eegees frozen fruit drink last night at a youth church activity (if you ever come to Tucson, this is a must have!).  When I got home, my cute husband had gotten us all dilly bars.  And I'm never one to turn down a dilly bar.  Especially when it's mint chocolate.  I am human I guess.  (A human without will power!)

Today will be better.  There isn't a dilly bar in sight this morning!

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