Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time for....

A race!

School is finally out (yay - that last couple of weeks of award ceremonies and concerts just about was the end of me!), I have a new job when school starts again (phew - attendance clerk will be so much better than being outside on the playground when it's 105ºF and 70% humidity when August rolls around!), gone on a weekend backpacking trip, and kept on running through it all!  It's beautiful here in the mornings right now.  Really.  You just have to get up when the sun gets up and see the day at it's coolest.  I wouldn't recommend 3pm, but 5:30am is great!

Tonight is the first in the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown that I signed up for.  Luckily it doesn't happen until 7pm.  And there will be all of the tall buildings of downtown to keep us shaded.  Thank goodness.  It's something like 103ºF out right now.  The pre race report is predicting at 1500 participants.  I believe them.  When I showed up this morning to pick up my race packet at 10:06am (the shop opened at 10am), here was the line I found!  Of course, they may have been as worried as I was about the shirt situation.  They emailed all the preregisted people to tell them that they might be short shirts, but we would eventually get them.  Um, no.  I. Want. Mine. Now.

Lots of people out here and a line inside too!

I hope the Running Shop made a killing today since they had all of these people traipsing through their store!  I would have bought my cute husband some socks, but they were out of the kind he likes, so I left with my race number and shirts.  Yes - two shirts - a shirt for the race tonight - and a Run Tucson shirt for the triple crown - should I wait until I do all three races to wear it?  I never wear races shirts until I've completed the event.  This could be hard because the shirt is so darn cute.  October seems forever away...mostly because I have a summer of 100ºF temps to live through!

Now excuse me while I'm off to pick out my evening racing attire! 

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