Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi Hill!

Tumamoc Hill from the parking lot across the street.
I'm trying to decide if I've been missing you or not.  I haven't been to see you since September because, well, I'm lazy.  I try to make excuses saying I'm too busy in the mornings and have to get kids to school or me to work.  But we all know the truth, if I didn't have the Saguaro National Park Labor Day run coming up or the Get Moving Tucson half marathon, I probably would continue being lazy.

It hurt to get up you this morning.  My calves were killing me.  A lot.  My lungs hurt.  I even walked some.  But with an 800 ft elevation gain in a mile and a half, who can blame me?  I usually look forward to going down you, but today I just felt sick the whole way.  Maybe I should eat before I run?

While it looks like a hot desert, it was only 70ºF out this morning!
Surprisingly, I felt great walking to the car.  I felt like I should keep walking and go around the block or something.  Weird.  I'm really worried about how I will feel in the morning though.  Last year when I did this the first time, my hips hurt for two days afterwards!

I will be back to see you next week for sure.  Promise, cross my heart!

P.S.  Tomorrow is looking like a great day to swim instead of run.

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  1. We have no hills here in FL either so I have made a conscious decision to run the CRAZY bridge every single Friday and in a few weeks I will make myself start doing a day of hill work on the stinks but yes I feel so strong afterwards!