Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nuun Application

When I heard about the call for female bloggers to apply for the Hood to Coast Relay team... I figured - what do I have to lose?  There are a ton of very talented lady bloggers out there... but I have a few good reasons that I think I should be one of the chosen 12!

These little tablets don't look like much, but I'm sure they have "Hood to Coast" printed on some for me!

1. I am a lonely runner. At 4:30 AM there are not a lot of other people who want to run with me. In the dark. Around my neighborhood. It would be great to run with other people.  And I already have lots of running in the dark experience!

2. Have you ever been to Tucson in the summer? More specifically August? How about the end of August? With temps over 100 degrees for the past two months and the humidity way up and no end in sight, I need to get out. Seattle and the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon sound like the perfect getaway place.

3. It’s my husband’s birthday weekend. As his present, I’m sure he would want to come and cheer the Nuun team on.  I also know he would be willing to cover himself from head to toe in Nuun tablets if I were able to be on this team.  I'm sure this would just make his cheers all the more enthusiastic.  He also moves cardboard boxes for a living at UPS.  I'm guessing there is some gear that needs to be moved around for this event and I am volunteering his help.  He would even do it if cardboard boxes were not involved. 

4. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest. I’m an Arizona native. I can tell you what a saguaro cactus looks like in detail, and even how to make syrup out of the fruit. I’m not really sure what a tree with leaves looks like. I would love to find out.

5. As my occasionally moody teenage daughter tells me, I have a husband that barely made it out of high school, didn’t get through college, has a crappy job AND has $5000 worth of rock climbing equipment. According to her, I think he is unable to EVER send me to run Hood to Coast. I believe this task is best left up to the good folks at Nuun.

6. I am a motivated team member. I have been motivating the household of “Team Brenton” for over 18 years and counting. If that doesn’t say something about my dedicated track record, I don’t know what does. Dishes, laundry, and dinner, with a dose of running thrown in for good measure!

7. I would get to run with Strawberry Lemonade Nuun. Enough said.

I imagine that Heaven will offer Strawberry Lemonade Nuun from the tap!

8. Escape. If you lived with two teenagers, one husband, two dogs, ten chickens, and a full time job thrown in for good measure, wouldn’t you be wanting to run away from home too? I think that this would be “legally” running away and no one could call CPS about child neglect or abandonment.

9. I’ve gotta be faster than those people in the Hood to Coast movie who didn’t really train. I’ve got it on my list to run 1000 miles this year, so I’ve been out running without even being told to!

10. Dark horse. Every team needs one. That would be me. There have been some great Dark Horse US presidents… take Abraham Lincoln for example. Just think of me as the Dark Horse female running blogger. Perfect for the job in every way.

I would look great sporting a Nuun shirt... especially while running my leg of the Hood to Coast relay!

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  1. I'd vote for you off of #8 alone!

    Good luck!

    Winks & Smiles,