Monday, June 27, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow...

Crossing my fingers that I can get back to running tomorrow!  I have been feeling SO lazy without getting out of bed and hitting the road.  I've gotten a few things done around here during the early mornings, but I always feel like my days get started so much better if I run first.  I think it clears my head or something.

I did try a new class at the gym today.  Body Works Plus Abs.  I had no idea what it was when I went.  Lots of lunges.  Lots of weights.  Lots of push ups. Lots of arm work.  Probably all the things that are really good for me.  All those things that I hate doing by myself. 

The whole time I was at this class I kept feeling that I was in a magazine article... you know the ones... 10 Moves to Shape Up For Summer... or Lose Two Dress Sizes in a Month... the workouts that we all look at and think "How easy is that? I could do that right after breakfast"... when in reality your magazine gets lost in yesterday's mail and you throw it out a month later when you can't remember why you kept it.  Admit it. You've done this.  It sells magazines, and that's what the editors are counting on.  Motivation is a little harder to come by!

Though I was a little lost at the beginning of the class... the instructor gave no instructions to anyone that was new... a little odd since in most other classes that's one of the first questions that a teacher asks - who is new here?  I did manage to catch on.  I also decided that it is much more fun to do weights and lunges and such in a classroom full of enthusiastic people rather than in your family room with the phone ringing and kids wanting to know what there is to eat for lunch.  I won't always be able to do Monday's at 9:45, but there are several other times listed, so I could do those. 

I will just keep repeating how good that class is for my running.

Maybe this break from running has been good for me? 

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