Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I hate stuff like this.

It's the summer.  It's light outside early.  I don't have to go to work.  I have time to run.

That's why my next statement makes me so upset. 

I am not going to run for a week.  I have a groin muscle that I think I pushed too hard during the 5K I ran 2 weeks ago.  It doesn't hurt when I run.  At all.  It bothers me a lot a couple of hours AFTER I have run.  Go figure.  It doesn't hurt the next day either.  I have let a couple days go in between runs thinking it would go away.  But it hasn't.  I have now trolled the internet consulted experts for the best advice I could find on what to do, and what I have found out is that it needs rest.  For about a week.  Maybe two. 

This happened before when I first started running.  I nearly died for the two weeks I didn't run.  I rode my bike, but I still thought I was going to die.  But, putting it all in perspective, I'd rather take a week off than really hurt myself.  With an eight mile race and a half marathon coming up in the next few months, I'd rather not take my chances.  I am just going to have to change my attitude!  It is a hard attitude to change though - because I really, really, really want to run 1000 miles this year.

It will not happen this time!  I am going to swim.  I am going to bike/spin.  I am still going to go walk the hill on Friday morning.  I am going to focus on nutrition.... which, after looking at this cake pan, you probably agree with me that I need to!  I made it for my cute husband for Father's Day... thinking it was brownies... since the recipe is called "Iowa Brownies" and all.  Turns out that it is more like a Texas sheet cake.  No matter.  My cute husband still thought it was pretty good... seeing that it's Tuesday afternoon and there isn't any left... and I didn't even finish it until Sunday night. 

Cake does not last long around here!
If you are jonsin' for a great cake recipe, head on over to the Penzey's website and click on their current catalog.  The recipe is in there.  For the record, Penzey's just arrived in Tucson, only about 1.5 miles from my house.  It is my new favorite store.  I promise not to buy anymore Dutch Cocoa from there.  Only good for me spices and herbs!

How have you dealt with running setbacks?  Or have you had any?  Any thoughts on the matter would make me feel much better!

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