Friday, August 26, 2011

Rest day!

Unintentional rest day.  I hate it when I do that.  The alarm went off this morning and it was all I could do not to cry.  Some mornings are like that.  I don't profess to be superwoman or anything like her.  There were these giant magnets holding me tight to the bed.  I just know there were.  And so I pressed snooze every ten minutes for a half hour and then got up and started making kid breakfasts.  And folding laundry.  And the hundred other little jobs we do everyday that are just easier to do than list them all out.

I know I'm in the thick of training for two different races.  I know I would feel much better if I had gone. 

I'll run tomorrow.  Promise.

Now that I've washed the sleep out of my eyes and sent the kids off to school... I realize I should have had this quote taped to my alarm clock this morning. 

Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.

Sarah Condor

Do you ever skip runs?  Intentionally or unintentionally?  Or are you much more disciplined than me?  If you are, how do you do it?

If you're visiting here from Fitness Friday - welcome!  I can't wait to go and visit your blog as well!

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  1. It's difficult sometimes but definitely good idea to listen to your body and hit the pavement tomorrow!

  2. Hi Amy, I'm from Fitness Friday! Good luck with your races! I'm sure the majority of people skip their runs every once in a while. I couldn't imagine being so disciplined that I never miss a run (Olympic and professional runners notwithstanding). I love the quote!

  3. Oh I hate it when I skip runs and it is rarely intentional because I know I will be so mad at myself if i skip a run. But don't feel bad about it just get back on it tomorrow!

  4. ha I love your quote. I skip runs a lot. My problem is I work till 7pm. So if I have a run planned after work, that means nothing else can be done in the evening socially bc its too late after a shower and such. This summer has been tough w/ daylights saving time and more people wanting to be outside longer, naturally I cave. Looking forward to fall and winter weather (just in terms of running) so then I can do runs during lunch break- whats better than being paid to workout?

  5. It doesn't happen often but sometimes it can be a bad day or just feeling off but I just do not want to workout at all. When I have this feeling, I cut myself some slack and relax. Everybody has days like that.

  6. girl I am totally with you on this, I had an
    unintentional rest day and I hated it but I needed it. its okay to have bad days cause it makes the good ones even better right?!?!

  7. I love that quote. I ALWAYS feel better after going for a run. If I don't go, I just beat myself up. Having said that, there are definitely days that I meant to go but didn't. Sometimes you need that. It is hard to always follow a strict plan. So, know that and give yourself a tiny bit of slack. And then get out there tomorrow and run an extra mile!

  8. I schedule my runs and don't skip them. If I don't feel like going, I go out intending a shorter run and see how it turns out.

    coming from Fitness Friday Blog Hop

  9. I missed my training session friday due to work related difficulties, sometimes it just happens. You pick up the next day. Coming from FF...happy hopping!

  10. Ironic that you posted this. I rarely miss runs! If I can't get it done when it's scheduled I fit it in some other time. This week I missed 2 due to life with 2 very active kids returning to school and I couldn't make them up...ahhhh! My kids are my first priority but man is it frustrating when my workout/running plan is interrupted.

    With that said I also think that sometimes the unintentional rest day is your body's way of saying I need a break. And I learned the hard way to listen to my body.

    Love the quote!

  11. I think this is why I love having a training plan. I know what's on my schedule and I follow it. I've missed a few runs because of aches and pains.

    I think it'd be different without a plan taped on my wall. But, I also really really try to remember how much better I feel after working out.

    Don't beat yourself up, tomorrow is a new day (probably today by now).

    Visiting from FF Blog Hop.

  12. Thanks for the follow on my food/recipe blog We can begin to feed...

    I am following you now too.

    Just to let you know, I also have a run/fitness blog Eat Run Sail

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  13. Oh, the story of my life!! I do that ALL the time!! I love that quote though. It is too true!!

  14. I hate to admit but I skip way more then I should. That quote is so true but it's so hard to tell myself that on some days. I'm hoping once my kids are in school I'll fall back into a normal workout routine. Good luck to you!!