Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Helping of Mommy Guilt... but 2 Points for Me!

I noticed on the local running club's newsletter the other day that they are starting a training group run on Monday nights at a downtown run/walk event.  I've been to the run/walk event a few times.  It's kind of fun to run through downtown and see all the things you normally only see at jury duty or some other equally boring reason to go downtown.  The whole idea of this group is to revitalize the downtown here.  Really, it was just a bunch of government buildings and a couple of sandwich shops.  It's getting better.  Restaurants are moving in.  Theaters and events are beginning to happen. 

But, you know how it is.  Monday nights aren't really made for doing stuff like that if you have children and a job.  So, I've skipped it for, um, about a year?  Probably longer.

It was the half marathon training group that got me back.  It helps you not only train, but train on the actual course that the half will be happening on.  Double yay!

Last night's run was supposed to be 6 miles.  Run through downtown and up "A" mountain.  All towns have to have a place to put the letter that represents their schools... we have "A" mountain for the University of Arizona.  Then run back to the start.

I almost didn't go.  Heaping helpings of mommy guilt were headed my way.  I had already run my 4 miles for the day.  And it was 104 degrees out.  Yes, really.  At 6pm. 

From the parking lot at the top of "A" mountain.  See downtown? 
It's where I started!

I did it anyway.  While I didn't have a close friend with me, I felt a lot of camaraderie seeing all the people I was running near and passing or going the other direction on the mountain.  When I was going back, the leader of the training group was running up... probably to make sure no one died!... and giving out high fives to everyone. 

Now I'm really glad I went.  I ran over 10 miles yesterday - my phone GPS said "6.35 mi"  for the evening run- so I was going with it.  I am not in pain today - bonus!   I also have bragging rights that it was still 100 degrees out when I finished, though by then the sun had gone down.  (I want summer to end!!!)

"A" mountain from the running route... not beautiful...
but it's hard to take great photos when you are trying to beat the stop light!
And you know what?  The kids survived without me.  Homework was still being done.  No one had a meltdown.  Maybe I should take a lesson from all of this?


  1. From now on, anyone that runs in 100 degree weather is my ultimate HERO! Way to go on the run and taking time out for yourself. That mom guilt is pretty bad!

  2. Mom guilt is a tough one. I think the heat would deter me more than the kids though! That's serious heat!!

  3. Way too hot for me to run, but I could walk a golf course carrying my clubs. That would be Heaven right now!

    Fall is coming - too soon for me this year.