Sunday, August 14, 2011

Looking For Balance

Really cute, fun and easy to create.  I want to have a party myself now!
Because somehow I missed out on blogging a bit this week. Probably because I was making ruffled party streamers for a friend.  Very fun.  But, somehow I can't get blogging it all done.

I was still out there running... in fact I did the "Not Over the Hill 5K".... at 4:30am on my favorite hill...

Don't look too closely.  This is a pretty awful photo.
Turns out I can't take a picture of myself AT ALL.  Yup. This was the best of it.  The next best just got my shoulder.  Really.  At least there is this really nice picture of the city lights from the top of the hill as the sun is starting to break over the horizon.  And I had a great time doing it.  As much as I whine as I am going up the Hill, I am elated at the bottom of the hill and the feeling carries me though the rest of the day.

Thanks Carrie for having a birthday and a reason to run this virtual race!

Moments before a drop dead beautiful sunrise.
I'll be trying to keep my life more in balance this week.  It seems to be the theme everywhere lately.  It's even painted on a rock on my desk at work.  At our staff retreat a couple of weeks ago, we were given rocks to decorate so we could be reminded of what really is important in life. 

In today's Sunday paper (one of my life's very guilty pleasures!) carried the column "Checks and Balances" by Kathleen Rosman.  I really liked her sentiments... "It rains, it pours, too much of a good thing is too much.  Balance is almost an impossible ideal.  That's important to realize, even as we still aspire to it... There is no way to balance it all, and if I tried it would mean turning my back on things that round out my life and make me whole."

I don't want to have to shut out things that make my life more complete.  I want to live life to its fullest.  Do you think having balance is "an impossible deal?"  What do you do to fit everything that must be done (dishes/laundry/job) in with the things that you want to do (family/running/anything else).  I'm hearing listening and taking notes!


  1. Wow, that sunrise is fantastic. I love those moments when out running that you know you would have missed if you'd been sitting on the couch.

    Thanks for participating! Self-portraits are impossible.

  2. Way to get out for the V5K! That view does look awesome! Self portrait, like many things, take lots of practice. Of course I used to practice a lot on other people's film I just like using my wife's phone then change the background picture to lovely old me (or my toe).

    Balance? Hard- I make 2-3 breakfasts and 4 lunches each morning while getting myself ready for work. Come home, help with dinner and clean that up, play with the kids, check their HW, help get showers done. Now, my wife does help out, but she doesn't have a lot of time either between her job and her photography business. THEN I can go run...which is why I run at night :) The summer is completely different, though, which is nice. My wife's work allows me to stay home with the kids and be a house dad (which I can take for about 2-3 weeks...)