Friday, August 19, 2011

Fitness Friday and Happy 100th Post!

Poking my head in to wish everyone a Happy Fitness Friday!

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Thanks for hosting!  I can't wait until this evening so I can go visit your blogs (darn work - getting in the way and expecting me to spend 8 hours there and actually work!!).
I just realized this was my 100th post at this blog - so - Happy 100th Post to me.
I am on the training train now.  I got up and ran 6 miles this morning.  Since it was dark when I started and I knew it would be light when I finished, I was really looking forward to a beautiful sunrise as a reward.  I was getting worried because it was getting lighter and lighter out and there was no sunrise in sight due to clouds on the horizon.  The street lights clicked off and nothing.  Nada.  I rounded the corner to finish my miles and suddenly as I was slowing down to stop, I looked up and there was this beautiful picture:

Excuse the "For Sale" signs.  I live in AZ - the nations capital for foreclosures.  Of course there are some in my neighborhood as well.

It was like I was being cheered on for finishing something I knew I could do, but needed the mental toughness to accomplish this morning - after all - I still had kids to get out the door and work to arrive at looking fresh and relaxed!  I enjoyed the scene.  Five minutes later I looked out to show my kids, and the clouds had moved back and the sky was gray.  I told you.  The heavens were clapping for me.  It totally made getting up worth it!
What about you?  What makes your runs worth it?  Is it something big, something little, or something someone else would think was insignificant?  Does it have to be something you can share?  Or do you keep it to yourself?  I'd love to hear what keeps you going!


  1. I LOVE catching a sunrise or a sunset on a run. It is like a little gift. Nice run.

  2. Sunrise, nice weather (sometimes), the great feeling I have at the end (and sometimes during). These all make it worth it. Oh and fitting into a pair of shorts that I haven't worn in 13 years? Total bonus!

    I popped over from Fitness Friday!

  3. Hoping over from Fitness Friday. Getting really sweaty keeps me going that and when I feel myself breathing hard! I know that it is all good for me.

  4. Congrats on post 100!

    I am training for my first half and sticking to the training plan is important. It keeps me going knowing how much I want to finish the half.

  5. For me my own reward with running is looking at my improvement. A year ago I was averaging 10 min miles, now I'm b/n 8-9 min miles depending on the distance. The idea that you can train your body to become better just fascinates me!

    found you from FF

  6. Gorgeous sunrise!
    Feeling good about myself for getting my training in is reward enough for me. Who doesn't feel superhuman when they get up and run while the rest of the world sleeps? :-)

  7. Nice pic! I just love to get out there. Being outside is a great reward.

  8. Happy 100th post! Following you from Fitness Friday. I love running pre-dawn. It really makes you appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the sunrise. Good luck with your training!

  9. I love early morning runs. The earlier the better. What makes it worth it? Seeing a sunrise, finishing and knowing I have the whole day ahead of me and I kind of like the idea of what I accomplished and most people aren't even awake yet.

    Thanks for linking up this week!

  10. Happy 100th post! I live near a lake and seeing the morning sun reflected on the lake makes it worth it every time!

  11. I just got up to 6 miles also and its kind of crazy to think!!

    great job and congrats on your 100th post!!