Friday, April 22, 2011

Sugar. Again.

I've said it before.  I love sugar.  I know it's not good for me.  I know how many calories per teaspoon it has.  I know how many an entire tomato has.  Or a cup of lettuce.  I mentally plan how I will avoid it.  But when sugar shows up on the table in front of me, it's hard to walk away from it.  Especially when it is paired with it's equally evil cousin chocolate.  If I could ever convince my husband that ice cream is not one of the four food groups. Or that chocolate on the Target clearance shelf does not have to jump into my cart.  A friend sent me a link to this video... here's hoping to me thinking that sucking down that piece of cake is just like taking a drag on a cigarette!

Is Sugar as Bad as Tobacco?

Today I found a giveaway for some chocolate energy gels over at (Just) Trying is For Little Girls... do you think since this doesn't have refined sugar and lots of bad stuff added in that it counts towards my "tobacco" sugar count?  I'm curious to try the stuff out anyway.  Go over there and see if you can win yourself some to try out!

In other news, I joined the Daily Mile this week... does anybody else out there do this?  It looks fun... we'll see!

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