Sunday, February 20, 2011

One year later...

I just realized that it's been one year since my trail running accident.  This time last year I was limping along wondering if I would ever walk normally again, much less run since the healing process was going a lot slower than the ER doctor led me to believe.  Of course, if I had really thought about it, eight stitches is nothing to sneeze at, especially on an area that has as much pressure put on it as a knee, so I really should have been more patient

Here is the picture from a year ago....  (close your eyes if you are squeamish!)... BTW, it's taken me a year to actually *look* at this picture.  It was taken in the parking lot at the trail... before we went to the ER.  Husband was thinking ahead about documenting this for posterity!

Here is the same knee a year later....

Not a great picture, but it made me realize that it's not as bright red as it had been.  My sister made a comment back in the summer about the red factor and I do think it has gotten less red over the last six months!

Now, to get up the courage to trail run again.  I have been back to the trails where this happened, but only to hike with a friend.  I really need to go on a very short run there to gain back my confidence.  I just need to go through and pick up all the rocks off the trail first! ;)

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