Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something new...

For me at least!  I joined a gym.  I had been wanting a place to swim since last summer.  I learned how to swim "for reals" last summer and now have delusions of someday doing a tri.  Right after my marathon I suppose! ;)  But, as for swimming, I'm not fast at all... it takes me about an hour to do 20 laps.. seriously, it's embarrasing!  But, I do enjoy it and think it would be great cross training in addition to running.  My only problem was finding a pool that was open year round and didn't have high school swim team practice right when I actually could go as seemed to be the case with every pool near here.  My supportive husband finally decided enough was enough and called around and even took me around for the Local Tour of the Gyms.  Actually, I think he just has his own delusions of me looking like Kelly Ripa or someone!  No one told him besides a gym, she also has a nanny, a cook, and a driver, not to mention a maid and a laundress!

I decided that I need to get my money's worth out of this membership and went on Monday afternoon.  Only to find out that Aqua Fitness class was going on.  OK.  Note to self, check class schedule before you leave the house.  I was wearing flip flops (I'm seeing a trend of not enough planning here!) and so I rode the stationary bike and did a few of the machines for my abs.  It made me tired enough!

Today I was out to try to swim again.  Look at class schedule (which is now hanging on my fridge).  Hey, there's a spin class in 20 minutes, maybe I should go?  Throw stuff in bag, including bike shoes, towels, goggles, socks, water... I feel like I'm packing for an expedition!  Go to gym with 10 min to spare before the spin class.  Only to look inside and every single bike is taken.  Hello people.  It's 9:15 on a Wednesday morning.  Don't you guys have to be at work or something?  And how come when I was over here on Monday and saw a class going on only half of the bikes are filled?  Plan B.  Go ride stationary bike again.  This time, I programmed a hill workout.  Yes, it was difficult, but good.  I finished and decided to do a couple of the ab machines again... ouch!  I had no idea how much my middle section hurt until I tried to do a crunch type move.  I guess I did do something on Monday!  I did make my way to the pool after all of this as well.  The water felt divine after the sweat I had worked off on the bike.  Maybe I should have stayed and ran on the treadmill to give me my own mini tri feeling?  Nah.  I really don't love treadmills and would much rather be outside to run.

I think this gym thing could work out.  I just need to figure out a schedule for it and get a plan together.  I feel guilty about it for serveral reasons already.  One, it costs money.  Two, my husband doesn't get to go and I know he would enjoy it. Three, time away from home/kids/stuff I should be doing. 

I'm sure once I've been there a few times I'll have all the bugs worked out and not have a sore middle anymore as well.  I'm hoping all this extra work makes me a stronger runner as well. 

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